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July 5, 2021

Ludacris, you ask? Well, ludacris, he is in our neighbourhood, but not in the immediate area. Ludacris is just over the hill in the city, which is only a 5-6 minute ride. But to be honest, the first time I saw him, I thought he was a little creepy, because I thought he was going to go after me. But after a few days of observing him, I decided I was wrong about him.

You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m a huge Ludacris fan, but I’m also an avid listener to many podcasts. One of my favourite podcasts is with Rob and Lecrae, and since Rob and Lecrae are also the guys that made Deathloop, I can’t help but listen to their podcasts.

Since we’re about to get into the meat of it, the reason I listen to Rob and Lecrae’s podcast is because they always explain the “why” behind their work, and their podcast is filled with that. If you’re not familiar with Rob and Lecrae, check them out on YouTube, because they make an amazing podcast. That being said, in this episode, Rob and Lecrae talk about the “why” behind the Deathloop title.

Deathloop is the latest addition to the Rob and Lecrae podcast lineup. Since Rob and Lecrae created the show in the first place, I feel like any time they mention Deathloop, I have to listen. They talk about how the game came to be and why they created it. They also talk about their history as musicians, which in itself is pretty cool.

Deathloop is designed as a stealth game (as opposed to a fighting game) so the stealth element has always been a part of the game. Rob and Lecrae talk about how this stealth element came to be. Specifically, they discuss the ways that they came up with the title. They talk about how they originally thought of the game as a shooting game, but then decided to go with a stealth element instead.

They talk about how they started working on the game and how they found that they needed to have a more stealthy and stealthy and stealthy feel in Deathloop. That’s how they came up with the title. It’s sort of like getting in a pool of water and trying to stay afloat. You want to stay afloat, but you need to get rid of the water, too.

The game is all about being fast and stealthy and having stealthy skills. It’s a game where the player has to be stealthy and fast, but there are other things they can do as well. These other things are called “leaps,” which allow the player to traverse the environments in a stealth-like manner, but also allow for other skills.

One of the best and the hardest things about Ludacris’ game is that it is a very fast-paced and action game. The game takes the action and makes it more difficult, in order to make the player feel like they’re actually playing a stealth game.

Another one of the best and hardest things about Ludacris is that it gives you access to a lot of different skills. These skills are called powers, which are the specializations of the player. The player can only have one power active at a time, so if you have a lot of powers, you will need to train a lot to get the most out of your abilities.

One of the best things about Ludacris is you get to pick out your powers from the start before the game even begins. It makes it very easy to start out with a lot of abilities and really master how you want to play. Other great things about Ludacris is that you can use your powers to do cool things like dodge bullets, fire lasers, and even use some crazy moves like jumping to avoid enemy fire and stuff.

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